The easiest, laziest way to recover an upholstered buttoned/tufted headboard ever!

I really wanted one of these big padded headboards.
This gorgeous number is from Luxury Beds Online and costs £400.

and this enormous bright purple number was £15 from a charity furniture shop.
It took two guys and all their strength (it weighs a ton) to haul it through the house and up the stairs.

This is the easy way I recovered it.

You only need fabric and three things.
A curly needle
Thick thread
(I used darning thread, 10p from a charity shop).

Throw the fabric over the headboard.
Then using the curly needle,
put a stitch through the fabric and the fabric covering the button underneath.

Knot it a couple of times.

When all the 'buttons' have been done.
Turn it around and do a tacking stitch to attach the fabric at the back

Vintage Lloyd Loom cabinet borrowed from Hut's online store for the photo.

I love it, I'm glad I didn't waste hours/days doing it properly.

Headboard £15
Delivery £5 (God they earned that, they were actually sweating)
Fabric £0 (curtain remnants)
Thread 10p
Total £20.10

I think this is possibly one of my favourite,
aiming for lux on a budget house things.

But if you don't fancy DIYing and want to buy,
here are four huge and gorgeous finished bargains which can be delivered straight to your door.

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