Needing a bigger picture for my hall and having no budget nor artistic skill, I thought I would try and recreate the textured art Daniela Tasca York did on The Great Interior Design Challenge.
She's an artist but the people she was showing how to do it weren't, and I thought the end result looked great.

Can I just point out, if this is the first time you have come across this blog... I am giving my house a bodge, with no money makeover, to make it feel a bit more my style while saving for the big proper jobs such as new bathroom, new flooring, exterior painting, electricians, plumbers etc
Please don't think I am totally deluded and am thinking the end result is proud ta da... how magnificent is my house, reveal!
Hope standards have been suitably lowered before you read on...

  So I found this gem for £2 from a junk furniture warehouse...

Obviously the picture is awful, but it's quite big and has a thin gold frame, boxing in the canvas which I like.

Using what I had, aargh, can't spend cash when the chances of it being total pants are pretty high.
So it's laughably budget stuff...
 I painted over it with white left over stain stop paint mixed with flour to give it a bit of texture, I would usually use plaster powder, but I had run out... it seemed to work just as well.
I had fancied a grey, blue background wash, but not having any blue paint, I stabbed open an old bingo pen and tipped the contents into a tub, added water and painted it on, then rubbed it off with a cloth.
For bodging it jobs, wing it, no planning is ever needed.

It needed some gold
So I ordered some gold leaf from eBay to scat about on it to make it look more complete, £1.50 for 5 sheets including postage, I don't know how we ever functioned before eBay.

Total price £3.50.

What do you think?

When you've picked yourself up off the floor laughing...
It's a shocking effort isn't it!

And here it is in situ, with a couple of before's.

Before anything was done in the hall at all.

Bodged and with the too small picture hung on a hook that was already there.

And with the magnificent piece in place.

It looks nothing like and is not within a roar of the Daniela Tasker Yorks 'piece' and a lot brighter than I envisaged.
But in my defence, I am a really bad photographer and it actually looks better, and oddly bigger in real life and it kind of looks alright (believe it or not) and it's a little bit better than having a too small badly framed pic up there. 

Final verdict
It's not perfect (no kidding) but for a tiny amount the hall and house feels better... and that's always a good thing.

~ ~ ~

But I may stab a hole in a Sharpie and give it a 'charcoal wash' in the near future.