Welcome to my new blog!

I will be blogging every week about  houses, interiors and style,
all done with not even a lemonade budget, more of an Aldi cordial budget,
(but that will be with ice, fizzy water and a black straw in an Asda reproduction Picardie glass)
(total cost about 2p) (but then probably with Gin so 52p)

I recently bought a gorgeous tall, thin town house that needs... a tad of work.
Unfortunately, all  money went on the buying of it and there is not a £1 left in the budget to fix it, nor make it my style.

Mine is taller and thinner, but this is what I want, these colours and a bit less Wisteria.

In my last house, it fell into such a diabolical state, I set myself a challenge of fixing it up within a year, with zero money (or as near as).
To make me achieve that within 12 months, I blogged it... and... it was quite popular... and I was... surprised what you can achieve if you just look at something and think, without money, how can I make this better?

I put the house on the market, so I obviously had to delete the winging it/bodging it blog. 
(all structural, electrical, plumbing etc was  OK, I didn't pass off a total kip, and it was gorgeous!)
I got the asking price!

My photos will always leave a lot to be desired, but they will be real.

Oh and there's going to be a shop added to this blog soon too.

Hope you like it
and if you can recommend any good house/interiors blogs, please let me know.


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