I'm opening an online interiors store this week!
It's being filled with an eclectic mix of new and vintage loveliness for the home.

The range is small at the moment
but it will be growing and changing all the time.

And there are many, many things of untold gorgeousness I am hunting down for a good price.
Massive vintage mirrors are, at this moment, being refurbished to things of weighty beauty.

There is no one theme or style, no seasons, just a random ever changing treasure trove.
I love all different styles from the grown up luxe of Soho Home to the madness of Liberty,
I aiming for all this... but on the cheap.

And packaging...
I will be trying to have, as far as possible...
Zero waste packaging.

Your order (thanken you in advance)
will be cocooned in a lovely safe wrap of paper, plastic if needs be and cardboard...
but, it may have been wrapped around something before,
something clean,
but it will lower the cost to you and the environment.

Your order is on it's way!

I hope you like it
 and find something you love for your home.
And if you don't,
~ please check back as the stock is changing all the time ~


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