Feast your eyes.
I use the term leather loosely,
leather look paper would be more accurate.
These mirrors were everywhere in the noughties.
They were very cheap, on trend
and almost every house still has one lurking somewhere.

Breathe in the quality!

They're a bit too bachelor pad for my style now.

Here's how I upcycled my two mirrors for £1 each.

Distressed gold mirror.

Gold paint £1 from Poundworld

Start by the glass and tear a strip, or strips, of the leather/paper off.
I just tore one long strip off mine.
Put masking tape on the glass or
Hack - if you don't have tape, cut long strips of news paper, wet it and slide it into place.
Roughly slap the gold paint on.
It drags as the 'leather' is a bit too smooth a surface but this adds to the distressed look.

The finished result.
Here it is in my earlier blog post - Budget £34 bathroom makeover, before and after.

Black bog oak mirror.

Matt black paint and varnish, £1 each from Poundland
A well used pot, if it stands still, I paint it matt black.

Start at the back of the mirror and carefully peel all the top layer of paper/leather off.

Lightly sand the rough under layer of paper.
Put masking tape on the glass.
Two coats of the matt black paint.
One coat of clear varnish.

The finished result, ready to go into the guest room.

Bog oak? No Poundland paint.

I am aware they are not going to fool anyone into thinking I have gone out and spent hundreds on some quality mirrors, more that you don't notice them anymore, they kind of fit into my style now.