Vintage Lloyd Loom ottoman after a budget makeover.
Please ignore the stunning orange laminate it is sat on and the un-boxed radiator behind.

In it's former life below.

Originally green and gold,
but upcycled/ruined by me about 12 years ago.
In my defence,
Oliver needed a toy box, I had the ottoman, no money and left over white paint and a bit of  gingham!
AND nursery style boundaries hadn't been pushed so far then,
bunting was cutting edge!!!

and behold in all it's new black, faux shaggy sheepskin loveliness.

Love it,
it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's mine,
and for just £12,
the breakdown.

Paint - left over Wilko's and whatever I could find dark paint - £0
Faux Mongolian sheepskin top - Matalan sheepskin cushion,
cover split open and tacked to the lid - £12.
Total - £12. 

Now housed in the guest room,
now looking like it belongs
and awaiting it's #RevampRestyleReveal.


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