Nothing transforms a room like a huge statement light!

I love them,
every giant chandelier,
bespoke glass art structure,
every artichoke light.
If a light is bigger than normal, I'm drawn to it.

I found this to replace my bedrooms kitchen style (yes) light,
just £10 and measuring a huge 90cm,
the Ikea Krusning pendant lamp shade.
It's starts off flat, just layers of paper with wired edges
and you scrunch it up as much as you like and shape it to hang as low or as high as you like.
This is mine,
I'll show you the before so you can see why I am doubly delighted with it...
no longer waking up to the chrome kitchen light!
(people did things like this in the 90's if I remember rightly).

Unusual to see concrete in a ceiling!

Walls still waiting to painted there but I am so happy with it.
I had to add
a £2.49 pendant from B&M, an £11 eBay ceiling rose and £30 for an electrician to do the work
before I could add mine, but, delighted!

Here's a few more krusning's in situ.

All these images are from Pinterest. Where have the credits disappeared to on Pinterest? I can only see who pinned it, not the original source to give credit to.

It's adding something here.

On a bit of a wonk but still looking fab.

Getting a bit architectural.

An absolute triumph!

Next to do, as the walls have since been painted,


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