Searching for what to do with my extensive orange laminate flooring,
I did a few disastrous tests,
nothing would stick,
laminate flooring is absolutely bomb proof,
until I tried this way...

From this
(granted it would have made more sense to remove the rug)

 To this... no longer orange.

I gave the whole floor a light sand with a mouse sander,
then plank by plank,
I rubbed this on with a cloth

Johnstone's garage floor paint in black,
just £10 for a 750 ml tin from B and M.
(It's nowhere near as fumey as I expected).
It is a bit like working with tar and I couldn't just buff a bit on like wax, I had to give it a good rough coverage,
then immediately buffed it off with a clean cloth,
just working on about 50cm at a time.

I tentatively walked on it in soft socks after 4 hours
and put the furniture back on it after 24 hours,
but really it's not fully, stuck for 48 hours.

2 days in, dry paper after giving the floor 10 rubs,
nothings coming off.
I wet a corner and it still stayed fast.
I don't reckon it's as bomb proof as untreated laminate,
but I think it's as durable a flooring option as carpet or waxed wood.

Tip - have one cloth for rubbing on and hundreds of soft cloths and a bin bag at the ready for buffing off.

Also, I only used half the tin, so it only cost £5 to do the room.

More before and after images

The original orange!

And the after staining, in different lights.

I have only done this on my laminate flooring,
so I suspect it will work on all...
but I'd recommend doing a test bit and leaving for 48 hours before you commit!

I'm ridiculously delighted, how this has turned out and...
it saves money for the more boring, yet essential... roof leek and electrics!

I will report back (below) as to how it's faring,
fingers crossed... very well!


The floor has been stained for over three weeks now,
and despite my trepidation's,
it has worked,
it still looks exactly as it did on the first day.

one thing did mark it in the first week.
I cut out some circles of cotton velvet and glued them to the legs of my dressing table chair.
I did it a tad ropily as the chair felt like it was catching every time I pulled it back,
and this is what it did...

Literally dog claws, shoes, constant walking, shoving a Lloyd Loom cabinet across to get to a plug twice a day have not made a dent,
cotton velvet glued to a chair leg...
could dig a trench!

Proper felt pads have been ordered and

fixing it was easier than fixing marks on proper wood,
and it was no where near as workish as the first go.
Dibbed a corner of a cloth into the paint,
rubbed it into the scratches,
turned the cloth over and buffed it off.

I'm now going to tackle the living room orange laminate.

6 week update

Still perfect!
Have now stained the middle hall's orange laminate
and still, so far,
all going well.

The proper felt pads, via eBay worked a treat,
the chair no longer destroys floors!

Now definitely going to tackle the living room!


  1. Great read!

    Really well explained guide!

  2. Hi Lynn! Thank you for sharing. I have the same orange floor and this just saved my life. I was wondering though, how strong is the smell, can you sleep in that room after 48h?

    1. Hi Denisa, yes you can. The smell from the paint I used wasn't too strong, I think I slept in the room the same day (don't know if that is to be recommended but I was ok). I did have all windows wide open and used a mask while I was painting to avoid inhaling anything though even though it wasn't too fumey. Good luck with this, let me know how you get on. Lynn


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