Saturday, 18 January 2020


a reward scheme like no other,
designed for the bargain and unique hunting forager.
and you only need 5 points (keys) to choose a prize!

Such as a woven Ugandan platter, looks nice.

To join either pick up a card at the till or you can just have it on your phone,
go to the website and register,
and your done.
Swipe or scan every time you shop  in TK Maxx or Homesense,
you get one key for every shop but two if you buy both clothing and household.
and when you have 5 keys
you get an email alert to go to the TK Maxx treasure website
and choose a gift which will be posted out to you for free

like these bamboo straws.

I admit!

I thought it would be absolute tut,
looking lovely on the pics,
but like a cheap magazine freebie when they arrived.
it's the proper good TK Maxx stuff!

The first reward I chose was a Turkish towel for the beach,
suspected it would be one of those, exactly like a printed microfiber cleaning cloth jobs,
 but no!
Big, 100% cotton and with cotton tassels!
(and folds down tiny, always practical to have a throw/towel that packs small).

Next a Leopard print clutch bag...
Surely a printed plastic make up bag,
again no,
leather and from a proper decent company Brampton!
It's actually my new favourite bag.

For free!!!!

The latest was,
a ginger bread house kit in December.
Every year, we make a ginger bread house from scratch to varying degrees of success.
So I was delighted to see this as one of the rewards.

It's still proper baking, not just a stick together...
And the expectation...

aand the result
brace yourself

Nailed it!

This in no way reflects on Michael Roux (or his kit),
it's our 13th gingerbread house,
and they always taste good,
and look... unique?

If you look at the rewards on offer,
and there is nothing you fancy,
wait a week,
and look again,
it may all have changed!
(And you will be told how long you have to claim your reward.)

What is not love!

If you sign up HERE, I get 1 key towards a reward.
Can only have a max of 2 sign up keys at a time, so I wont be clearing the treasure decks with sign ups, but there's already another bag I have my eye on.

If anyone has a good TK Maxx/Homesense store recommendation
please comment...
I'd like to say Blackpool's is pants
but the Barrow in Furness one is an absolute gem. 


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