Saturday, 1 February 2020


Sofa £400, chair £180.
I came across this via Instagram,
as recommended by Hardcastletowers.

It's an ex- display furniture warehouse absolutely full of bargains.
Often places like this are rammed with truly awful furniture and maybe one gem hidden away if your lucky.
Not this one, it is full of gorgeous stuff!

Glam sofas starting at £250!

Lot's of gorgeous things from etc.  Look at this Swoon Editions rug below, what would that cost usually, £200?

It's called Cosy Home
and is based in Yorkshire

The Cosy Home physical shop is
Unit 18c
Nortonthorpe Mill

Open Monday to Saturday 9.30 - 3 

Don't worry if your miles away,
they don't have a website but nearly everything is on their Instagram.
You can message them, pay over the phone and they will send it via courier
or you can send your own courier to pick an item up.
(I can recommend Shiply for this).

Here's a few more of their bargains,
I think everything is around half the usual RRP which is a huge saving when it's something pricey like a sofa.

Mustard sofa bed £250.

Love this one £350.

Beaut mirrors, again half the price they would normally be.
£60 and £100
I particularly like it when they put the usual selling price on.
I want/need these in my home (the need is a total lie).
Nice shelving behind too.

Nice Californian boho bits, chairs just £30 each.

Teal velvet sofa £400.

Pink velvet £400.

Good isn't it!

Their stock turn over is pretty fast, they seem to have new things appearing every week,
so if you see something you like,
message them straight away. 

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